The shop minimum is $80 (+ tax), and the hourly rate is $150 (+tax) for each artist. Tattoo services are cash only, with the exception of deposits.


Clients are required to leave a non-refundable deposit when scheduling a tattoo appointment. The amount of the deposit will be based upon the estimated time for the tattoo. Deposits will be applied to the final cost of the tattoo. Payment for deposits may be made in person or over the phone (206-323-4657).

$50 deposit for 1 hour or less

$100 deposit for over 1 hour 

48 hour advance notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment or deposit will be forfeit.

No one under 18 years old can be tattooed. Government issued ID is required at the time of your appointment.

Artful Dodger Tattoo and Comics is a custom shop. We want you to have a meaningful and exclusive tattoo, so we refuse to tattoo copies of other people’s tattoos. Our artists will use ideas based on your references to generate a custom tattoo only for you.

Please don’t try to get tattooed while you are pregnant or nursing. Although there is a debate among professionals about whether or not tattooing causes stress to the baby, we would rather not take the risk. There is plenty of time after you give birth to get tattooed, so let’s wait and make sure your baby is healthy.

Being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol runs the risk of you not only being an ass and possibly getting asked to leave, you also run the risk of needing a more significant touch up later on. Person's are required to be of sound mind in order to make the decision to be tattooed, so please stay off the ‘mood enhancers’ – at least until after your tattoo is done.

If you have a heart condition, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes, hemophilia, take medicine which thins the blood or any other communicable disease, talk to your doctor first and PLEASE advise your artist before your appointment.


Artful Dodger Tattoo and Comics reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

 Each artist makes the decision to tattoo an individual based on their own descretion -- in particular, with regard to hand/finger/face/neck tattoos.

 This is a rolling list of policies and we may add or modify a policy at any time.

If you are under 18 and absolutely feel it is necessary to get a tattoo PLEASE DO NOT go to a nasty chop shop who has artists that will disregard state laws. (Chances are if they disregard the age law the shop probably disregards the health regulations as well.) Contact us for information regarding a safe alternative.